CRC N.F. Contact Cleaner
Origin: CRC
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  Extra strength precision electronic cleaning solvent.

CRC  NF  Contact  Cleaner  is  a  revolutionary  Precision Cleaning Solvent. Instantly removes grease, oil, dirt, flux & other contaminants. Chemically stable, non-conductive, non-corrosive.  High  purity  formula  evaporates  rapidly  & leaves no residue. Strong cleaning action for the removal of  flux,  oils  and  other  contaminants.  No  Flash  Point.    Non-Flammable. No Fire Point.Does not contain CFC 113 or Methyl Chloroform.May  be  harmful  to  some  plastics,  eg:  A.B.S.,  PEBAX 2533, Polystyrene etc. Test on a small area before using.

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  CRC NF Contact Cleaner is a revolutionary precision cleaning solvent. It is chemically stable and evaporates rapidly. It has no flash point and leaves no residue. NF Contact Cleaner instantly removes grease , oil, dirt, flux and other contaminants. This product is chemically stable, non-conductive and non-corrosive. It does not contain CFC 113 or Methyl Chloroform. Non-flammable. MAY BE HARMFUL TO SOME PLASTICS.

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