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CRC  Zinc  It  is  a  single  component  Zinc  rich  compound with  the  special  epoxy  binder  and  contains  over  90% of  highest  purity  Zinc  in  the  dried  film.  It  fuses  directly to  a  clean  iron  or  steel  surface  through  electrochemical action and presents a hard, single-time protection against corrosion for many years. It is not a paint. The sacrificial coating actively fights rust and corrosion creepage with a flexible, continuous film.CRC Zinc It actually offers itself as a cathodic protection against  corrosion.  The  zinc  becomes  the  anode  from which positive electric current is self-generated and flows to the cathode… or base metal. When applied to iron or steel – even in the presence of moisture – the zinc in CRC Zinc It becomes the perfect anode. Corrosion attacks the anodic (Zinc) covering 

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 CRC Zinc It is a single component Zinc rich compound with a special epoxy binder and contains over 90% of highest purity zinc in the dried film. It fuses directly to clean iron or steel surfaces through electrochemical action, and presents a hard, single-time protection against corrosion for many years.

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