SUS-COAT L-316 99%
Origin: Nabakem
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• SUS COAT L-316 99%, 
Like ordinary paints, forms continuous film of STAINLESS STEEL 316-L easily by way of brushing, roller or spraying, and shows perfect protection effects.
• Stacks each stainless pigment ground at thickness 0.3μ in the form of leaves fold on fold. 
• The pigments are changed into continuous laminated film like fish scale, and block contact with water or air.
• Can form stainless film on the surfaces of all materials like metal, wood, stone, porcelain, brick, concrete, mortar, glass, plastics, rubber, leather, linen, paper etc.
• Forms strong stainless film and protects all materials against corrosion, erosion, rust, damage, abrasion, blazing fire, contamination etc. for a long time.
• Coats surfaces with extremely low amount and reduce maintenance cost remarkably.
• Reflects heat or light on the basis of excellent features of stainless steel.
• It is excellently thermo-keeping due to extremely low heat conductivity and used for tank, boiler, refrigeration and freezing rooms, duct, heating and cooling pipes and roof.
• It brings excellent energy effects.
• Has not conductivity.
• It can be used for electric and electronic parts.
• Is completed in the beautiful semi-polish state with color unique to stainless steel.
• It does not damage appearance, so that it can be used for decoration.
• Each stainless pigment produced under strict quality control through many processes to have width: thickness as 30μ: 0.3μ, i.e 100:1 is made in the form of leaves.
• And its front and back sides are like ground mirror surface.
• It shows excellent protection against damage or abrasion by water, moisture and heat.
Exhaust and steam pipes, mufflers, radiators, production equipment, engines, furnaces, plumbing fixtures, chemical processing equipment.
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